Because these services can be so diverse and dependent upon your specific needs, these prices are just base prices.  Contact me using the form below detailing what it is that you are looking for and I will get back to you with a price (or more detailed questions) within 48 hours. These prices are just base prices to give you an idea. Talk to me so we can tailor a program to fit your needs.


Content Writing/Blogging/Ghost Writing

Do you want to start a blog or even write a book but don't posses proper English and grammar skills? Maybe you have a problem getting your thoughts together onto paper (or a screen) or you don't know where to start? Let's talk, get to know one another and see if we can put our minds together to get your thoughts into action.

I can help you write quality driven content, do research, and help you get your voice heard. Maybe you have written a book in your own words but don't feel comfortable getting it published due to poor writing skills? Send me an email with what you are looking for and we can come up with a solution (contact form below). 

Do you have a blog or website but don't have the time to research and write new content to keep it active and up to date? I'm your girl! Give me some subject ideas and let me know how many posts you need, word count,  and/or how often you need them.

Starting at .10 per word

  • SEO Reader Friendly
  • Catching title
  • Research included


Need a second pair of eyes to look over your latest masterpiece? I will read over your article, book, e-course, media kit, or research paper for any spelling or grammatical errors. I can also edit re-write or re-arrange your creations to make them flow easier.

  • 1,000 word article
  • Proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Starting at $20


  • 1,000 word article
  • Proofreading
  • Editing (rewriting and/or rearranging paragraphs)
  • Starting at $30


Social Media Managing

One of the most difficult tasks when running your own business is staying on top of social media. In this day and age, so many platforms are available that you have to have the ability to keep up with them in order to get your services or products seen, shared, and purchased. Doing this can be very time consuming.

I can manage your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Managing may include making a new account or group,  posting regular content, starting engaging conversations, finding niche related articles to share, following up on comments and messages, designing and managing paid advertisements, and group moderating.

Liking, pinning, hearting, tweeting.. I got ya covered. Let me know what platform(s) you are looking to be managed, how many postings, follow ups..etc. are needed and we can work out a deal! An example package: 

  • 1 Facebook post a day
  • Following up on comments and/or private messages
  • Participating daily in groups (commenting, promoting new products, links or services)
  • Starting at $357/month or $15/hour

Other Tasks: Do you have some other online tasks that need done but just don't have the time? These may include:

  • Sending out/or creating emails or newsletters
  • Responding to emails
  • Following up on blog comments
  • Following up on like/follow threads or groups on Social Media
  • Researching specific topics
  • Recruiting new followers
  • Customer Service
  • Data Entry (98 wpm)
  • Designing Slide Shows
  • The possibilities are endless. 
  • Starting at $15/hour


Basic Graphic Design

I am no pro at Photoshop but I can create some nice graphics for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (See some samples in My Creations)

  • 5 small graphics
  • Starting at $25


I encourage you to send me an email with specifics of what you are looking for and we can set up a time to chat live and hopefully work out a deal.

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