I've published my very first book!!


The Devil's Masquerade


Deception, manipulation, adultery, and emotional abuse. The Devil's Masquerade is one woman's story of surviving a marriage to a narcissistic sociopath. She had no idea that the man of her dreams was the devil in disguise.

Anyone looking to get help to understand what they’ve been going through, to know you’re not alone. Feels good - empowering!
— Melissa/Amazon Review

I sat down with this book figuring I’d read for a few minutes before beginning my online work. I didn’t look up until the last page! There’s enough juicy details in here to satiate even the most hungry of souls, but there’s something much deeper to this book. This story is one countless women have suffered, and sadly, countless more will endure in the future.
— LC522/Amazon Review

Purchase from Amazon or for a discounted price directly through me at the link below (free shipping). 118 Pages. $10.00