Holidays Suck for Transcription Work

First, I want to thank everyone for entering my book giveaway! We chose 2 random winners and they have both received the book. I may run another giveaway in a month or so, so don't go too far! In case you haven't heard about my new book, check it out here!

I'm so glad that the holidays are done and over with once again. It's a new year and I am ready to start a new chapter in my life. It won't just happen though, I have to make it happen.

I am still doing transcription work right now and some writing. Unfortunately, transcription work dropped off a lot over the holidays. There was not much work at all, but thankfully the work is increasing slowly now that we are starting the new year. I mentioned that I was working for TranscribeMe, which I still am, it's just been difficult to get any work through them lately, but they promise that the work will pick back up again.

I also began working for Focus Forward, and I absolutely love them.  First of all, they pay 40 cents per audio minute which is pretty good from what I've heard. They do work a little different than the other companies in that they use a special platform for the transcription work, so you have to download it to your computer. It is something fairly new and they have had some blips along the way, for instance, one day I got an email stating that I had an assignment, but I could not log in all day long. I kept getting an error message. It ended up being a problem with the software, so I missed out on getting any work done that day, but the problem was resolved quickly. I did have one instance where I had completed a file, I just needed to go back through, proofread, bold..etc., so I saved it, and when I saved it, it had disappeared. I checked my email and had one that said the assignment had been deleted. When I inquired about it, I was told that it showed that no work had been done on it when they deleted it, even though I had transcribed the entire file. So that was a little frustrating, but other than that, I love Focus Forward. You do have to schedule yourself to work, but it's your choice when you want to work. You can choose to get less than 30 minutes of audio a day to transcribe or more, which makes it easy to work with your personal schedule. Their platform is easy to use. You can set the shortkeys to anything you like, and I prefer using shortkeys over the pedal. It also inserts the timestamps automatically, so all you have to do is type, pretty much! You do have to take a test in order to become a transcriber for them.

Unfortunately, they also slowed down during the holidays, so I haven't had much work over the last few weeks, but things are slowly picking up again. I believe that I could make some decent income doing transcription for Focus Forward full time. 

On the days that I haven't had any transcription work, I have spent time working on this website and promoting my book, as well as applying for various writing/blogging jobs, and sometimes working on my next book.

What have you been working on lately??

Deanna Evenbeck