The Struggles of a Freelance Writer

I’ve been struggling trying to find exactly what to write about in this blog. I really haven’t been having much luck with the whole freelance writing thing which has been depressing to say the least. I’m trying not to give up though and get too discouraged. I’m always attempting to educate myself and see what all is out there and find new things I can try to do to land some good clients.



I am looking into doing more proofreading. I’ve always had a good eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors and I enjoy proofreading. I would love to get into proofreading court documents but I really don’t have the $$ to pay for the training courses so I’m looking into basic proofreading.

I’ve received a few inquiries from my craigslist ad. One person said she was going to take some time to trim down her book before sending it to me and the other one didn’t respond after I replied to her original email. I hadn’t quoted her a price yet, I just asked some basic questions to get a better idea of what she was needing proofread and edited.

Cold Pitching

I have been really bad at cold pitching. I have sent a few here and there with no responses. I was struggling with finding websites to pitch to so I did a little bit of research there.

While reading up on some freelance writing jobs I found that AngelList is great for finding leads. AngelList is a job board for new start up companies looking for freelancers. You can search for a specific niche and find hundreds of up and coming websites/businesses in your niche. You can grab their contact information and pitch your ideas to them.

I’ve also found Twitter to be a great place for finding leads. Search for accounts with your niche keywords, follow them, check out their website, interact with them a little bit, and then go in with the pitch.

While searching Twitter yesterday, I got a message asking for my email address with a note saying that they think my blog would be a perfect match for their business. So, we will see how that turns out.

Right now I am in the midst of collecting contact information and putting all of the information into a spreadsheet and hoping to really dive into cold pitching next week.

The hardest part about cold pitching is feeling confident in your pitch. I’ve already tweaked my pitch about 10 times using tips that I’ve learned. I am hoping to find out which pitches work the best.

Grabbing their attention is another difficult aspect of cold pitching. Website owners must get hundreds of emails a day. Just finding a simple subject headliner to grab their attention can be difficult, too. You don’t want to get overlooked just because your email subject line didn’t entice them to open your email.

I have had a few articles published on reputable websites but they were not paid, they were mainly for getting my name out there and having published work to add to my portfolio. These websites are picky about what they publish and the articles must be approved before they go on the website, so I know my writing is good. It’s just finding businesses willing to pay for what I write.

I know that success doesn’t just happen overnight but I have been spending entirely too much time perusing job boards and content mills. As much as I despise content mills, I need $$. The problem is, I’m not willing to write 1,000 for $10 and I know that people are always going to beat my prices on these job mills, and companies that utilize these sites are always going to look at the dollar amount, not the quality of the work. It can take hours to sift through all of the jobs to find ones that you are interested in and then end up with zero jobs because you bid higher than most others. They aren’t worth it to me any more and I know it’s time for me to put my time and effort into something that will hopefully generate some results.   

I don’t want to give up and I’m not ready to give up yet. There is absolutely no reason why others can be successful and I can’t, so I’m going to keep trying different things until something works out for me.

I am always open to hearing new ideas! Leave a comment or send me a message and let me know what has worked for you!?