Finding Clients and Getting Paid To Write

It’s been a busy week or so since my last post. I've been working diligently towards reaching my freelance writer goals.  I landed a decent client on PeoplePerHour. PPH is a job board where you can apply and pitch for freelancing opportunities. I am writing a few medical related articles to be published on an up and coming website. I’m excited about that and hoping that I will continue to get assignments from them.

Freelance Writer Strategies.png

I have also recently found out about Listverse. They pay for unique top ten lists. The lists can be of your choosing but they prefer it to be something obscure and odd instead of your normal top ten list. The list has to be at least 1800 words long with sources. They can choose whether they want to accept the article or not. If they do accept, they pay $100 via paypal. I just submitted my first piece. I’m a little nervous (anxiety) that it won’t be accepted. I think the topic I have chosen may be too ‘typical’. I have an insane mind, I’m sure I can think of some other madness to write about! It actually took me quite awhile to write this first one. If it is not accepted, I’m hoping that I can find somewhere else to have it published after putting so much work into it.

I’ve also sent out a few pitches. Not as many as I’ve wanted to but I am sending them out slowly. I haven’t received any responses yet but that’s no surprise. So far I’ve got a decent list going simply by typing in a google search “my niche + write for us”. Adding write for us brings up sites that are looking for writers, some paid and some not.

Make A List of Websites Looking For Freelance Writers

Once I began searching for websites to pitch to I started an excel spreadsheet. I added the web address, contact info., and what they are looking for. Once I pitch them, I highlight that line green and add the date that I pitched them.  Eventually I will go back through to follow up with any that I didn't receive a response from.

I also found a great resource from Writers In Charge. When you subscribe to them, you get a free list of over 110 websites that pay for articles/content. It’s a huge list and each one has a description of what the website is looking for and how much they pay. I’m going through the list picking out the websites that I am interested in applying with. Eventually, someone is going to accept, right?? (write?!)

I’ve also begun writing a book. Or, maybe a couple of books? Ugh, it’s so difficult when my mind is going full force all the time with ideas running non stop. I need to be able to concentrate on one thing. I want to work on the book but I need some income coming in right now, so I set aside some time to pitch ideas each day. It can be difficult having to come up with new ideas for every website and pitch also. I peruse the website a little bit until an idea pops in my head before I pitch. I then tailor my pitch to that website, proofread it 5500 times, and hit send!

I’ve found so many great resources in my search for a career as a freelance writer. I plan on sharing with you the best ones that I come across. We can help each other to reach our goals and dreams. We all want to have the ability to obtain our goal of writing for money. I know this is attainable, it’s just the journey getting there that is so difficult.

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