Why Businesses Should Pay Writers More

We all want to make money, we all need to make money. When it comes to building your freelance writing career, time is money and we need money now! In the past, I did a lot of crap writing jobs for content mills and it really wasn’t even worth my time. I mean, you can only write so many articles about juicers before your brain turns to juice!

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Content mills can be good for brand new writers who haven’t written anything for money yet but new writers need to keep in mind that they are worth more than what most of these businesses who use content mills are willing to pay.

I understand that everyone wants to save a buck and get the best price possible but you typically get what you pay for.

A few weeks ago, I was looking at a job posting on peopleperhour. I don’t remember what the job was now but it was something along the line of $5 for a 1,000 word article. PPH has a space where you can ask a question to verify certain things before making a proposal. Another PPH writer mentioned that this was well below minimum wage. I also made a comment stating that the pay was way too low for the work needed. I got a response back from the original poster telling me that his price was good price and that I just shouldn’t apply if I wasn’t interested (which I didn’t, of course).

Just yesterday, I saw where a job listing wanted someone to send 2,300 emails. The emails were pre-written and you needed to just change the name and info in each email. Not difficult. But do you know how long it would take to input and send TWENTY THREE HUNDRED emails??? That would take hours upon hours! Their budget was $25. Ridiculous.

This is slave labor! Yes, I’m far from rich and I have bills to pay but my time and effort is worth far more than a few bucks an hour! It is a lot of work to research, write, proofread, and edit 1,000 words or more. I’m a perfectionist so I have to read through it multiple times until I feel that it is just right before submitting it. I’m not going to do that for pennies.

Freelance Writers Need To Know Their Worth!

I know where I want my finances to be, and I know that it isn’t going to happen over night and I will have to take lower paying jobs before getting the better paying ones, however, that doesn’t mean that I am going to give my work away. As a freelance writer, you are considered self employed which means that you have to pay your own taxes. You also pay for your computer, internet, electricity, health insurance...etc.. These things all need to be taken into consideration not to mention the time and effort it takes to write a good quality article.

Don’t settle for a couple bucks an hour just so that you can say you made money. Do you want to bust your ass working 10 hours a day being exhausted at the end of the day, just to find out you made.. $30 for the entire day? You can go to a fast food restaurant and make more than that! You are worth so much more!

Business Owners Need To Pay For Quality Writers

Anyone can go write 500 words of some bullshit fluff for a couple of bucks, but a REAL writer knows that quality is key. If someone is running a real business they need to realize that fluffy bullshit is not going to bring them new followers or new customers. People want quality not rehashed material that they can find on 500 other websites. You want your readers to be engaged and to come back for more!

You are not going to get this without increasing your budget a little bit. Would YOU work for $3 an hour? I highly doubt it. You want to be paid your worth just as much as we do.

You also have to remember that these websites take their chunk of the money, too. If someone bids $20 for a job, they may only make $12 or $15 from it. We get paid significantly less than what you pay on writer job websites.

There are also one off jobs listed on these sites from individuals needing help with something, such as an author who is writing a book and needs some proofreading done. They’re not rich and they probably think that they can get cheap labor out of these websites. They are not thinking about how many hours it would take to proofread and edit a 25,000 word book.

I have a love/hate relationship with content mills. I do have a few (very few) of them that I check out once or twice a week just to see what’s out there but I am picky about what I apply to. In the past, I have had to write about subjects that I had little to no knowledge of. That’s not fun and it made my brain hurt trying to come up with the right words and attempting to sound like I knew what I was talking about. If the job is based on a subject that I don’t know much about, I’m not going to apply.

When I send a proposal, I try not to go super high with the price but I have to make it worth my time. I have gotten a few good paying jobs from these places but I know not to expect much. I mean, when you have 20 other people who are willing to bid $10 on what should be a $30-40 job, a money savvy business owner will most likely go with a lower price without considering the work and time that is going to go into it or the quality they are going to receive.

The best advice I can give is to figure out what the lowest hourly rate that you would work for would be. Then add a few extra dollars on top of that. Once you get more experience under your belt you can add on to that amount.

As a freelance writer, you should not depend on content mills for an income. Most people who use these websites to find writers are not willing to pay what a quality writer is worth and will always go with the cheapest. Many of the writers on these websites are from other countries and are desperate to make a few bucks so they bid the lowest possible amount just to get the job without supplying quality work.

Know your worth and stick to it. Unless you are having an emergency and are desperate for money, don’t accept just any low paying job that you are offered. Quality freelance writers are worth more than that and your time is worth more than that.