My Top 3 Freelance Writing Resources Today

It’s now my second week of working full time on making a career from writing and virtual assisting. I am focusing on writing over anything else right now. I’ve spent a lot of time this week researching and learning, learning, learning the tips and techniques that will get me to where I want my freelance writing career to be one day. I have learned a lot!

Let’s go back a little bit to last week. I got an email from my Craigslist ad for proofreading and editing. A man contacted me stating that he had written hundreds of erotica stories that he needed me to proofread for basic spelling and grammar. We agreed on a price and he said he would send me the first set of stories soon. On Monday, I sent him my contract stating the terms we agreed on, and also covering his butt stating that I won’t share any of his writings with anyone else (which he seemed concerned about, btw). I haven’t heard a peep from him since I sent him that contract. *sigh*

I’ve decided to narrow down my niche a little more and focus on doing more mental health pieces. Psychology has always intrigued me and I enjoy writing about it in depth. I’ve began making a list of websites in my niche to contact about guest posting or writing for. I’m finding out that many websites do not pay money for content, some do but most just offer links back to your website. Backlinks are great and although my intent is to make money from my writing, I have decided to write some pieces for websites simply for the exposure and backlinks. I am not going to focus all of my time on that but once I start writing, my creativity typically runs on high speed.

I am also looking into the world of copyrighting. From what I have read, if done properly, copyrighting can be extremely profitable. It just takes time to learn the proper techniques and marketing skills.


I have found some truly great resources for writers and I wanted to share them with you. I take a few hours out of my day and simply read and learn. I’ve learned some amazing tips over the last week and I’m sure anyone looking to build a freelance writing career can benefit from these.

Favorite Freelance Writing Resources

  • - The website is free to join however, they do offer a membership upgrade that gives you access to some extra tools and the writer forums. I am using the free version and have found a lot of useful information that I plan on using in my writing from now on.
  • - I originally signed up for iwriter because it is a job board for writers. You have to take a test before you join that they use to decide what writing level you are at. Once I got logged in, I realized that they have a plethora of writing jobs but for very low pay. This would be great for a complete newbie who has never written for money before to start out with. Depending on what level you start it, you can earn your way up to the higher paying levels. I don’t even use iWriter for jobs, I use it for their training center that you gain access to once you are approved. It has hundreds of posts on how to better your writing skills and blog posts.
  • The Writing Revolt - Jorden has an amazing story to share with you and she loves to help out aspiring freelance writers. Her website is chock full of inspiring and informational posts. She also runs one of my favorite Facebook groups.

These should keep you busy for awhile. I know you want to get to your goal just as much as I want to reach mine but unfortunately it won’t happen overnight. We are going to have to soak up as much knowledge as we can and put the work in to see what works for us and what doesn’t.

Tell us what you are working on today??