Deanna Michelle

At a very young age, I realized the passion that I had for writing. As a young girl, I would write short stories and attempt to illustrate the stories with hand drawn pictures (I do not possess any illustrator skills, by the way). As a teenager I would write my every day musings in a journal that I kept by my bed. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am not afraid to admit that I am a self proclaimed 'grammar Nazi'.


  • 2011 Received Associate's Degree in Medical Assisting
    • Medical Terminology
    • Medical Ethics
    • Medical Procedures
    • Composition I & II
    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Office Procedures



  • 2 years at a local newspaper, designing and proofreading advertisements
  • 4+ years in customer service/sales, financial assistance, order input
  • 3 years self employed texting operator
  • 2 years self employed freelance writer
    • Suite101
    • eHow
    • Guru
    • elance
    • Livestrong
    • textBroker
    • published on various website platforms


Experienced and Knowledgeable in the following subjects: 

  • medical related
  • animal behavior/pet care/diseases
  • body art
  • alternative life styles
  • dating/relationships
  • creative writing
  • mental illness
  • weight loss
  • body positivism
  • self love/confidence building
  • much more. Try me?! (see a few examples in the My Creations tab)


Apart from writing, I have a few years of experience under my belt promoting content on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I understand that promotion of a website or product can take hours upon hours of seemingly thankless work and not everyone has time to dedicate to that aspect of entrepreneurship. I am here to help you.  

What can I help you with?